Monday, March 23, 2015

Effect a Change

As I watch over the news of the day; the headlines, the social media stories, the monthly awareness', and such, I came to a small subject... Effect a Change.  It's not a new thing.  It's not a new hashtag buzzword.  In fact, it is an exceedingly long subject, yet I will do my best to be succinct.

Simply one word in the topic can send someone's blood boiling; change.  In my experience and those around me, it comes in the form of "I hate change."  Yet for this discussion, change is something that most people seem to have a longing desire for with seldom success.

How can we Effect a Change?  What does it take to change an item in your life?  We comically seek out a new year to begin a new page in our life with a resolution.  How often do we veer away from that resolution?  Is that resolution ever resolved?

Referring back to news headlines, I saw an article on my social media feed in which a mom realized her grave decision, leaving her child in the car while she ran an errand..."he paid the price" was the outtake of the headline.  Being a father, I nearly well-up with tears when I see or read about a child succombing to any kind of injury, let alone death.

We read about how people get frustrated over social media postings and instead of working them out or simply ignoring what are most likely lies, their anger manifests into a physical action with later regret.

How many of us have some form of addiction?  We can deny it and to some we can even call it minor or not a health or similar life threatening issue, yet it is an addiction.  Most of mankind will agree that the abuse of prescription drugs/painkillers, illegal drugs, alcoholism, and so on are life threatening addictions, however there are not as life threatening addictions as well.  Take for instance drinking pop (aka soda), though a can/bottle once a day or occasionally is not bad, a steady diet of a six-pack or more daily could pose health risks later in life.  Yet, it is still considered an addition if you have a problem putting that can aside for any length of time.  We can say that same about coffee, tea, and so on.

There are multitudes of addictions that are in our present day.  What addiction are you dealing with that you would like to remove yourself from?  What chain keeps you anchored from other events?  Think about how the addiction could be eating away valuable time that could be used elsewhere for your family, your spouse, serving God, working on the to-do/honey-do list, etc.

I once was consumed with a lack of time management.  Today, I still fight a battle for time, but I have learned to better use my time for my God, family, and the variety of household necessities that need to be completed.  Very seldom do I have time to keep up on the latest television show/series or am wasteful of my time in other potential addictions.  I once was an addict to pop but was able to combat it with looking at what impact it was having on my life and restricting how much I intake.

I Effected a Change.  I chose to make a change in my life to better myself for my family and myself.

Though this is not a biblical sermon, it is a message of change.  God wants change in your life.  Obviously, that change is for the sinner/unbeliever of Christ to become a believer and to follow Christ, sharing the message of what Jesus did and how He freed us from our sins by dying on the cross, burying our sins and raising again after three days.  All we need to do is believe and accept that we were once sinners and now we believe in the Savior.

Is there a change you need to effect?  Consider what is chaining/hindering you from what you want in health, life, or your future and make that movement and perform the change.

Effect a Change in your life for you are the only one that can make that action.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Share Love

We come upon the season of Christmas.  Christmas can be thought of in many ways, but the true meaning of this season is rooted in one word--Love!

Throughout this week, churches, pastors, and blogs will giveway to many sermons and messages on this day.  Some other noted posts, and perhaps arguments, will indicate the date, why this day, why the season, etc.

What makes Servant WBs post any different?  Simply put, share love.

God demonstrated a love for us at creation when He created a new world, filled with incredible beauty, deep wonders, as a gift for another new creation, mankind.  (Genesis 1)  Many of us have heard about creation and the fall of mankind.  Yet, God loved His creation enough to permit a way to repentence through various mechanisms.  However, the greatest gift and expression of love appeared on a star-filled eve in a little burg called Bethlehem.  That gift first appeared as an announcement to a favored, virgin teenager in whom the Holy Spirit indwelled.  Having not been impregnated with a human seed, rather the Seed of the Holy Spirit - a miraculous event, she gave birth to God's Son.

God's Son, Jesus, was to instruct, be the example of, and to give love to all.  All of mankind, no matter their failure was and is endowed with the love.  What I personally have noticed is that very few share this non-judgmental love to others during this season and around the year.

God loved us to send Jesus, His only Son (John 3:16), to atone for our sins (Romans 3:23, Hebrews 2:17), our failures against our Creator.  There is nothing that we can do to remedy our cure from the mistakes we have made.  (Ephesians 2:8-9)  Rather, Jesus stepped out of majesty, His awesome kingdom, to fulfill His Father's desire to save mankind through the shedding, the sacrifce of His [Jesus'] blood.  (Romans 3:25)

It was the love and mercy of the Father, our Creator, to sacrifice His Son for us.  The simplicity of this love is to sincerely and truthfully believe in the name of Jesus you will be spared, saved from eternal death.  (Romans 10:9)

God shared His love with the most valuable gift, His Son to be our substitute for our sins.  He shared this love freely without reservation.  Christ demonstrated His love not only on the cross but through His example to be kind, to love one another.  (John 13:34-35, Romans 12:10; 13:8, Ephesians 4:2, 1 Peter 1:22; 3:8, 1 John 3:11; 4:7, 11-12)

In closing, it is my wish that we share God's love with one another.  Love your wife/husband, you you child/children, love your parents, love your friends, love strangers...share the love of Christ for God loves all.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Inspiration for Today - Be ye grateful and thankful

What started out as a twitter post, grew into a small blog post of thanksgiving, primarily due to the amount of references within Scripture simply on one word, Thanksgiving.

America traces this day back to a combined meal with the pilgrims and the Native Americans with a proclamation made by President Abraham Lincoln to create a national holiday.  For Christians, Scripture is filled and instructs mankind to be thankful for many things.  Some of which include songs of, sacrifices of, as well as simply being thankful in all things.

A great song was written by Johnson Oatman in 1897 called Count Your Blessings takes portions of Scriptures and places them into what seemingly is a call from himself and others to count the good, the blessings, that has been provided.  It is a simple but powerful song of reminding that we need to be thankful daily for the provisions that have been bestowed upon us by God.  He grants them to both the believer and unbeliever.

I could cover a grand list of what I am thankful for and I quite imagine that you could as well if you paused and began to write down a list of things you can be grateful for.  Recently, I was listening to a talk show about a mother who wrote a book while she was bed-stricken during her pregnancy.  She indicated that they were having financial problems to keep up with the maintenance of the house.  Her husband kept a positive attitude, making light of their situation to keep them thinking positive.  As she laid one day, in the midst of feeling low she began to jot down, as a prayer, what she was thankful for.  She relayed that what started out as a presumptuous couple lines turned into three full pages and later into a book.  I apologize that I do not recall her name but she was on Family Life Today.

As for myself, I can begin a similar book for the family I grew up in, a home, my wife and son, food, clothing, a job, reliable transportation, friends, my parents, and so on.  I find myself thanking God nearly all day which only a year ago was a simple thanks for the food and a few things.

God is a loving Father that gives abundantly to His children.  Scripture indicates that following:

Proclaim His works with Thanksgiving - Psalm 26:7
Come into His presence with Thanksgiving - Psalm 95:2
Enter His gates with Thanksgiving - Psalm 100:4
Sing with Thanksgiving - Psalm 147:7
Sacrifice with Thanksgiving - Jonah 2:9
Pray and petition with Thanksgiving - Philippians 4:6
Be vigilant in prayer with Thanksgiving - Colossians 4:2
Receive food with Thanksgiving - 1 Timothy 4:3-4

No matter your circumstance, no matter how low or grand your situation, be thankful.  There are many times in which we endure difficult and challenging situations in life that we cannot see any blessing.  God is still blessing you, thank difficult as it may be, thank Him and be thankful.