Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Share Love

We come upon the season of Christmas.  Christmas can be thought of in many ways, but the true meaning of this season is rooted in one word--Love!

Throughout this week, churches, pastors, and blogs will giveway to many sermons and messages on this day.  Some other noted posts, and perhaps arguments, will indicate the date, why this day, why the season, etc.

What makes Servant WBs post any different?  Simply put, share love.

God demonstrated a love for us at creation when He created a new world, filled with incredible beauty, deep wonders, as a gift for another new creation, mankind.  (Genesis 1)  Many of us have heard about creation and the fall of mankind.  Yet, God loved His creation enough to permit a way to repentence through various mechanisms.  However, the greatest gift and expression of love appeared on a star-filled eve in a little burg called Bethlehem.  That gift first appeared as an announcement to a favored, virgin teenager in whom the Holy Spirit indwelled.  Having not been impregnated with a human seed, rather the Seed of the Holy Spirit - a miraculous event, she gave birth to God's Son.

God's Son, Jesus, was to instruct, be the example of, and to give love to all.  All of mankind, no matter their failure was and is endowed with the love.  What I personally have noticed is that very few share this non-judgmental love to others during this season and around the year.

God loved us to send Jesus, His only Son (John 3:16), to atone for our sins (Romans 3:23, Hebrews 2:17), our failures against our Creator.  There is nothing that we can do to remedy our cure from the mistakes we have made.  (Ephesians 2:8-9)  Rather, Jesus stepped out of majesty, His awesome kingdom, to fulfill His Father's desire to save mankind through the shedding, the sacrifce of His [Jesus'] blood.  (Romans 3:25)

It was the love and mercy of the Father, our Creator, to sacrifice His Son for us.  The simplicity of this love is to sincerely and truthfully believe in the name of Jesus you will be spared, saved from eternal death.  (Romans 10:9)

God shared His love with the most valuable gift, His Son to be our substitute for our sins.  He shared this love freely without reservation.  Christ demonstrated His love not only on the cross but through His example to be kind, to love one another.  (John 13:34-35, Romans 12:10; 13:8, Ephesians 4:2, 1 Peter 1:22; 3:8, 1 John 3:11; 4:7, 11-12)

In closing, it is my wish that we share God's love with one another.  Love your wife/husband, you you child/children, love your parents, love your friends, love strangers...share the love of Christ for God loves all.