Monday, July 8, 2024

Long time absense

Greetings to all of you.  Quite an absence for me.  What started out to be a ministry to friends and acquaintances had been put aside for various reasons.  I do try to stay up to date on my @ServantWB posts via X/Twitter and stay busy with plenty of arenas, especially my family which has been my top priority.

What I will be starting up here are sermons that I've preached over the years.  Some are very elementary, during the early beginnings.  You'll note a background noise in many of them as they were record on a mini-cassette recorder and you can hear the motor so I apologize ahead of time with that.  Others are a little more recent and digitally captured.

Please note that I have served primarily as a retirement home preacher as well as an interim or pulpit fill pastor so there will not be many in comparison to full-time pastors.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share the sermons for 2 primary reasons: to continue to reach the lost while encouraging the Believers and two for my children in hopes that it reaches them as they grow and mature.