Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 31 Mar 12

What is Easter about? Bunnies, easter eggs, chocolate, and a trip to Sunday church, right? Is this another Easter "story"? Is this another message saying that easter eggs and bunnies don't mix? What story would you like to read?

The story I share this evening is simple. Approximately 2012 years ago, a man was born perfect. Yes, you guess it. His name is Jesus. Throughout His 33 years of life, He lived a perfect life. He never lied, never stole, basically He never broke any of the 10 Commandments. He was tempted like everyone else, yet never gave in.

At 33 years old, instead of thinking about a family or a career, He was betrayed by one of His loyal friends and later accused of blasphemy. Later, He was beaten, spit on, wore a crown of thorns, whipped, mocked, and finally led through the streets and physically nailed (with railroad-like spikes) to a wooden beam we call the Cross.

There, He bled and eventually died. Does the story sound familiar? Sometimes we don't get this part so think of it in this way. Imagine you are accused of murder. As you are being sentenced, a man steps up and offers to serve the sentence for you. Though much debating goes on, the judge finally agrees. You are now set free. Someone else will serve your death sentence. Are you thankful? Would you be grateful, whether you were guilty or innocent?

The rest of the story is this. Jesus died and carried the entire world's sins away. That's right. All of the world's sins, even the sins of today, are all wiped away. 3 days after His death, He arose. It was on a Sunday, Easter Sunday, which He rose from His grave. This proved that He was God's Son. He had the miraculous power to resurrect Himself, however, His body was a new body. In this way, when you accept Jesus as your Savior, you are a new creature and you will receive a new body when we get to heaven.

Easter is much more than candy and eggs. Easter is a celebration of Jesus' resurrection. It is a celebration that Jesus took our sins and buried them deep in the earth. It is a celebration that annually reminds us, though we are reminded daily, that we will be joined in heaven, given new bodies, and experience something so unbelievably amazing that our minds cannot even begin to dream.

I encourage you to go to a nearby Christian church and experience an Easter celebration like never before.

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