Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inspiration for Today 29 Mar 12

Recently, I posted about a great loss that my family endured. The massive amount of emotions filled the room and our souls. The service was great and it was equally a great time to visit with family I haven't seen for years. Though it paled in comparison to the man who joined God in glory.

Sadness swept through me along with a solemn emotion that still tugs at me to this moment. However, the Holy Spirit has been reminding me that he is a far greater place than this world.

This I convey to you, dear friend. It is never too late to accept Jesus as your Savior. You can try to argue that you are that bad of a person. You can argue that you are not worthy. You can argue many things, but this one important fact and truth. Jesus died for ALL of the world! He died for every single person on this earth, no matter how bad. God's grace is that great!

The biggest question you can possibly ask yourself honestly at this moment in your life is this, "where will I be when I die?" If you do not know, if you are not 100% positive where you will spend life after this, then it is time to commit yourself to an assured truth.

Dearest friend, I am talking to you. My dearest friends, who I love and cherish to this day, I do not want to live in heaven without you. We are not guaranteed our next breath. There is not always tomorrow. Please give yourself the greatest and most treasured gift of all, eternal life in heaven.

How? It is truthfully easy. First, admit that you are a sinner. No one in this world is perfect. We have all broken a law. Second, believe in Jesus. Believe that He is the true Son of God. Believe that He came to this earth and died for your sins and buried them in hell. Third, ask Jesus into your heart. Ask Him to place the Holy Spirit in your soul.

Yes, it is that easy. No money is needed. No good deed is required to accept Jesus into your life.

I am serious when I share my inspirational messages. I am more serious that I do want to see you, my dear friends, in heaven.

To my family, rest assured, as I said previously, that we will see our loved ones soon and what an awesome day that will be!

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