Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 4 Feb 12

Many of you know that our soon to be son has been moving a little bit. It has been a continued astonishment to both my wife and I. Recently, he's been very active. He has been pushing and squirming around and it's fascinating to see and feel him. My wife goes through a mix of feelings; it's cool, it feels weird to her, at times can be painful, and comically it looks like there's an alien in there. :)

We are first time parents so all of this is fascinating, however it cannot compared to how heaven will be when we first enter into the pearl laden gates. The Bible describes it with having streets of gold and all types of precious stones (emeralds, sapphires, onyx, etc) and no matter how it is described, no matter what mankind may have painted or portrayed, it will be 1 million times more than what we can imagine.

But, we must be reminded that before we can get there, we must be true believers, actually believing not just saying it, of Jesus Christ as our Savior. Accepting that we do not deserve it because we are born sinners (admitting we've lied, or stolen, or lusted, or have been angry at someone, etc) and that we need to ask for forgiveness. If we believe and trust that Jesus died for our sins, believe that He is real, asking for forgiveness, and realize that He is the only way to heaven...we will be saved and be able to be in that gorgeous city.

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