Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inspiration for Today - 19 Nov 11

The day began with a plan, then the plan changed. Has this ever happened to you? I'm quite sure it has.

At the end of Oct, my wife and I moved from NJ to MD leaving a home behind that is prayerfully being rented out on Dec 1st. In between unpacking at the new home, we've had to come back to the NJ home to clean or pack up more things left behind.

Today, our plan was to go up, clean and mend a few things at the NJ home, go to a barmitzpha, spend the night at a friends home, and then surprise our last church family. Unfortunately, my pregnant wife has not been feeling well for a couple days so we ended up canceling the barmitzpha and I ended up going up alone to take care of the house.

After a couple of hours of house work and over 5 hours of round-trip driving, I came home to my beautiful wife and very energetic cockapoo dog. She loves to greet me when I come home and today must have been an exceptionally "miss my daddy" day. She greeted me by standing on the 2 step landing, kissing my face while having both paws on my cheeks. This was a first to be greeted by her like that.

I find this a sweet close to the day. A beautiful wife and my kissing pup welcoming me home.

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