Friday, August 10, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 10 Aug 12

How does God amaze you?  Look at your life, your experiences, and tell me how God amazes you.

God continues to amaze me through many of life experiences and through ServantWB ministries.  Last night, just before my family went off to bed, my 4 month old boy began crying.  I didn't think much on it because he typically cries before bed because he's tired.  As the cries continued, they turned into screaming wales but the ones my wife and I have associated with pain cries.  For the next 3 hours, we endured these screams not knowing what was causing it.  We were confused because he even refused to nurse from his mother, but would take the bottle, yet again with the bottle, he would kind of sip and then cry.

I suggested that we take him to the ER but even rationalize this notion because they won't have any more of a clue from a patient that cannot tell them where it hurts.  Upon the suggestion, we thought we saw the light when gas sounds and eventually a dirty diaper presented themselves.  He still screamed out with this unfamiliar cry.

After 3 hours of this, both my wife and I finally begged and prayed God to take him out of this pain.  With no instant relief, I made the decicsion to go to the ER.  It is now well after midnight when we journey to the hospital.  We have checked in and we are sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to show up.  It is during this time that our young man drifts off to sleep and so do we.

After over an hour of wait, we are finally seen and told it could be simply that something did not agree with him or the acid reflux, which he has some indication of, just kept irritating him.

As the doctor tells us this, we come to the realization that God did answer our prayers, but as mortal parents we continued to be frantic about our son's cries for help.  Yet, we did not come to God first during these cries.  We've had similiar crying moments where it took us an hour or so to finally ask God for help but these new screams and cries were so confusingly new to us that we were distracted and not fully relying on God's power.

Why do I share this?  We all tend to get wrapped up and distracted with the disaster at hand but if we take our cares to God, in the name of Jesus, God will answer them and this continues to amaze me as I get to witness answered prayers.

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