Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspiration and Prayer Needed Now

Prayer warriors, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Always know that God is in full control.  Believe whatever we ask, in Jesus name, God will answer (Matt 21:22, John 14:13).

With this assurity, I am asking for your fervant prayers for the quenching of the wildfires that are spreading throughout the western portion of the US.  Pray that His mercy will reign through, halting these fires, and that His servants will be ushered in to tend to those who have lost their homes.  May they see God's mercy and see that He is their Savior.

Also, with equal prayer, raise your hearts to Him concerning the flooding in Florida.  In like manner, may God use His servants (us - His hands and feet) to touch the lives and reach out to those in need of saving grace.

The power of prayer is great and the more prayer, the more greatness, and through this, He will be glorified.

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