Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 21 May 12

Who do you represent?

During this election year, many of us will be representing our sides of the political arena.  Most of us are diehards and committed to our cause.

If politics aren't your thing, perhaps sports is.  How many of us represent our favorite team/s?  Some of us will represent by signs, license plate holders, stickers, t-shirts, posters, paint our chests for the game, etc.  We talk about them all the time.  We can't wait to talk to our co-workers and friends about what happened.

Why is it that we Christians cannot represent ourselves in that way?  Or, if we do, we are thought of as radicals or cult-like.  We tend to hide or casually announce that we are Christians by one or two little verses at our desk, maybe a small fish on the car yet our attitudes and actions reflect differently.  Some try to use the envelope that our sins have been wiped away eternally so it's a free license.

Please understand, if any of you have followed my posts for very long, all of my posts seem pointing... they are pointing at me most of all.

With the passion that people have about sports (not me), TV shows (now that's me), cars (me again), or other hobbies, we still do not have that same representation of the Gospel.  We need and should be fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus instructed us to go out and preach the Good News to all of the world.  "That's what missionaries and pastors are for."  WRONG!  WE ALL are commissioned for this.  And every action that does not represent Christ gives a false or negative witness to what we should be reflecting as we live Christ-like.

Christians, step out on this journey with me.  It will be long, it will be challenging, yet the rewards will be tremendous.  Don't be afraid!  Ask the Holy Spirit to do the talking, ask Jesus for guidance and strength, and ask the Father that His will be done by planting those seeds of the Good News into the lives of the un-believer while we continue to do our very best to live like Christ...though we ALL fall very short of this.

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