Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 14 May 12

How impressive is life?  How diverse is life?  Look at all the life that God has designed and created.  Look at how complex a stalk of wheat is.  1 wheat seed, properly fed and watered, boasts to approximately 4-5 feet in height sprouting kernels that yield the basic grains of food for us and is also the seed that we use to plant the next crop.

1 apple seed, properly watered and fed, tremendously sprouts to several feet tall and wide yielding dozens of luscious apples for you and I to enjoy.  Yet, it too contains a seed for the next tree/crop.

Take this same logic and think of how you live life for God.  Are you planting that seed of Truth, the Gospel, in someone's life?  Yes, we can plants thousands of seeds that are strewn about.  Some will not grow, some will begin but fade, yet others will make profound changes that will save someone's life and the lives of others.

Life is a terrible thing to waste.  Share permanent, eternal life with someone today!

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