Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 21 Mar 12

How many blessings can you count?

Did you eat today? How many meals? How many snacks? How many coffees, drinks, etc? Did you have a variety of food and drinks?

Did you rest/sleep today? How long? Was it in a bed or couch? Did you have covers?

Did you get to relax? Was it with your friends or family? Was it with a TV? Was it with a book? Was it with a Wii, xbox, playstation, iPod/iPad, PC, etc? Did you relax with sports?

Did you get to come home? Was it comfortable? Was the frig stocked? Did the plumbing work? How about the electricity?

Do you have a job? Does it pay for both your needs and amenities in life?

Keep counting, you may never be able to fully count the blessings that God provides but we can certainly thank Him for all that He provides.

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