Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 16 Mar 12

As I have recently relocated to Maryland, I have taken notice that many people drive around with at least 1 brake light burned out. Perhaps I notice it more because the population is greater here being between Baltimore and Washington DC than at other assignments.

Today, I drove behind a maroon minivan that had 2 brake lights burned out and only the top, third brake light, was functional. I must admit that I was a bit aggravated because how could someone have 2 tail lights burned out and not know or have not been caught, or worse, been struck because of this.

I drove behind this individual for probably 10 miles, nearly all of which were bumper to bumper traffic. After I made my break, the Holy Spirit filled me with my own light check. How many times do we, as Christians, drive through our lives without checking our equipment? Did we read/study God's Word before leaving for work or starting our day? Did we check in with God and thank Him for giving us another day? During that same prayer, did we ask God to guide us through the day? Did we praise Him for the night of sleep, waking up to another day, thanking Him for one more meal that He's provided us with? Have we put on God's shield of righteousness and armed ourselves with the sword of Jesus? Have we asked for forgiveness and confessed any sins before going on our way?

It's incredible how God speaks to us and provides us with a life lesson, even from simple pet peeves.

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