Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 13 Mar 12

How to you take or respond to change? Do you take it well? Do you complain? Do you cheer it on?

Many times throughout my life, I have been endured change. Who hasn't? There have also been many instances that I have endured the familiar line, "I hate change." These words have been uttered from my mouth, but also from many others.

How many times throughout our lives have we seen something running incorrectly (business, our jobs, TV shows, board games, church, etc) and when change is introduced it seems as if we are smacked by a brick wall? When we think back, however, was the change bad or did it actually improve?

Think about it in this way. How well did the world work and operate before Jesus walked and witnessed to everyone, including the religious leaders? Jesus shook everything up. He preached about love and sharing the love of Christ with others, no matter where they were in life.

How about the change in you? Where were you before you accepted Jesus in your life? Were you dealing with a divorce? CHANGE Were you stuck with an addiction? CHANGE Were you homeless and unemployed? CHANGE Were you in prison? CHANGE Where were you?

Then, you accepted Jesus into your life. CHANGE Big change! This change is a life change. One that keeps changing you, for the better.

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