Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 25 Feb 12

Our God is an amazing God! Through personal trials, through mental anguish, through the slipping lips, and into beautiful days, sunny days, cherished moments, delightful dreams, and incredible truths...God is truly amazing.

As I look through my life at this moment, while I type, I think of how God has been with me through it all. He has protected me through the multiple vehicle wrecks, through the painful relationships, through dark moments in my life, and through the windy and stormy days of weather.

He has even been with me through the blessed and wonderful moments in my life. Living in a very beautiful rural town, having great friends while growing up, learning new experiences to include an awesome hobby with sound systems (including broadcasting, DJ, and engineering), my career and experiences throughout my Air Force career, to my truly beautiful and awesome wife, and to the future as we anticipate our first born child.

God you are amazing! Your love is amazing! You cover us with your blessings even though we fail you many times over, as long as I am a True Believing Christian who wholeheartedly believes that You sent Your Son Jesus to die for my sins, You continue to show Your mercies each day.

Thank You God!

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