Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 14 Feb 12

When you sign up to be on a sports team in high school or maybe at work, what kind of commitment do you give? How about when you volunteer for a fundraiser, are you fully committed? Today marks Valentine's Day and another pointed question, are you fully committed to your spouse?

Being fully committed takes effort and it doesn't mean we foul up. The biggest question came up tonight during a weekly Bible study group and it struck me. Are we Christians committed to God? And with that, how committed are we? Where do we draw the line?

MANY Christians, including myself, make variations to what is "acceptable" and what is not to get away with. We think it's ok to do one thing yet oppose another. Where is the line, in the Bible, that says it's ok for us to have a vice or to do one sinful thing but be obedient otherwise? Sometimes we use Paul's thorn in our side as a crutch. Yes, we do have faults, some many more faults than others, but when we use excuses to argue our way rather than God's divine ways, are we truly showing our best, 100% commitment to God?

Take a few moments alone and sincerely ask yourself, how committed am I to God? Am I 50%, 75%, etc? Am I 100% only when it's convenient?

Pray and meditate on this...I know I will!

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