Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 6 Dec 12

How much is too much? When you eat too much at dinner or snacks, do you often feel satisfied or overwhelmed?

Sometimes when we listen to the pastor, the delivery of the message can be a bit dry. At times there are many factors that make us as the receiver unable to capture the message. Alternately, God's messenger can have their own issues going on that makes the presentation, not so dazzling.

However, the message IS what's important. God uses the pastor in a multitude of ways and one of them is to send His desired message on to us.

We come to God's worship center (or house) to do what? What draws you to church? Is it the message, the fellowship, the music, or just because you think you need to be there? God always has a message for us. Yes, the message can come in a variety of ways, but when God uses His messengers, I challenge and encourage you to first ask Him what He wants you to hear, then attentively listen and take notes.

God wants to speak to you. Now's your turn to listen.

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