Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 4 Dec 12

When do you make time for God? Oh this could be a tricky one but honestly ask yourself this question.

Do you make time in the morning, noon, night? Do you make time just in prayers? Do you make time for church? Do you sing to Him, alone?

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Because I had a problem focusing time in reading the Bible, I actually asked for the Bible on CD so I could listen to it instead of the radio. Wow, did that ever help me.

I listened to it to and from work. I got addicted to the Bible, though at times it seemed dry or monotone from the narrator, I hardly ever listened to music. Which incidentally, was a small concern because I'm a DJ and need to stay familiar with the latest music. However, I was able to listen completely through the Bible at least 3 times.

In addition, this recently led me to another time that I could invest in reading about my God and Savior. Ok guys, this is almost an obvious answer. What do we men typically do when we are taking care of the #2 business? Maybe some women do this as well. We read! And now-a-days, we can play games on our cell phones while "taking care of business."

After years of "#2 gaming and reading," it dawned on me that I could be reading more about my Creator. Lately, I've been reading "Our Daily Bread" to get a little closer. But we don't have to simply read an inspirational pamphlet. How many of us have a pocket Gideon Bible laying around? Or, perhaps invest in a small, pocket size Bible. You don't have to read an entire chapter, just a few verses.

Satan is crafty and he will use any distraction to keep your focus off of the Master. However, we can combat Satan's tactics by skillfully finding ways that we know will capture our ears, hearts, and minds in an effort to seek His Kingdom.

So ask yourself, what easy distractions or tactics can I use to focus more on God? For me, switching from the drive time music to listening to the Bible and adding a page or two of the "Our Daily Bread" has helped me personally seek His Kingdom.

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