Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration for Today - 12 Jan 12

A short time ago, I wrote about sermons and how the message was important, no matter the delivery.

Now here's part two. Our spiritual growth, as Believers, is much like our personal growth. Our birth as Christians (typically known as being saved or born-again) is similar to being birthed from our mothers. As we grow as infants, we are nurtured on our mother's milk or formula. As Christians, our spiritual milk comes from learning to pray, learning to read the Bible, and learning about God through Bible studies and the pastor's sermons.

Eventually, we mature by learning our ABC's, arithmetic, speech, and even our food matures from creamy to solids. Spiritual growth is identical. However, much like our physical growth, if we do not advance to the next level, we do not mature.

Think about it. When did you mature away from your toys and into sports or other activities? This was your next level of maturity in life. The same goes with spiritual growth. Eventually, we advance to our next level of spiritual maturity and as we advance, our hunger and thirst for Godly wisdom will advance in many ways from digging deeper into the Bible, spending more time at our churches, praying longer, deeper, and pausing to hear Him speak, sing to Him outside of church, and will tune our lives to Godly lives.

For me, I continue to grow. I used to be bored and quickly tune past the sermon radio stations, only a few years, I hunger to listen to Him speak through all of the message I can grasp. I listen on the radio and download sermons from my home church and listen to them on long drives. This is in addition to more reading, more prayer, and more worship.

Are you maturing in your spiritual growth?

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