Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiration for Today - 28 Dec 11

Very recently I had the privilege of briefly speaking with MTV original VJ Martha Quinn. Here is our brief chat via Twitter:

@MarthaQuinnMartha Quinn
Just watched little boy say "thank you" to camo-wearing Air Force soldier in airport. Soldier hugged him. #chokingbacktears

infamouswbWyatt Bloom
@MarthaQuinn - It chokes me up when people thank me 4 my service in the USAF. Means so very much to us.

@MarthaQuinnMartha Quinn
@infamouswb omg that is so good to know! Sometimes I worry I'm being intrusive. Thank you!!!

infamouswbWyatt Bloom
@MarthaQuinn - It isn't intrusive to anyone in the military. All of us in some way go thru a lot. A thank you more than makes our day! Thx

Many of us support the US military, but many of us also seem to forgot the other uniformed servants out there: police, fire, and EMTs. Though not many people follow this blog, currently, I still wanted to express my gratitude for all the men and women that serve and protect us. Thank you all!

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