Friday, December 2, 2011

Inspiration for Today - 2 Dec 11

What do you do with your unused items (clothes, electronics, furniture, etc)? This could be a controversial topic for me but please, bear with me.

How many of us have thrown our unused items away in the trash? Or, when do you call it quits on an item before getting rid of it?

With this economy, there are many people that are in need of some of the simplest things. How can you make someone happy and make a difference this Christmas?

Today, my wife and I were able to give a family our swimming pool. We had it for 2 years but only used it for the first year. Yet, we were able to give a family a present this year for their son. There have been other things that we've given away as we clean out our closet and such. Giving others well needed clothes.

In the end, it gives us great joy (Jesus, Others, You) to help others in Christ.

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