Thursday, November 17, 2011


Welcome to Servant Wyatt's blog! Who is Servant Wyatt? Well, I am a servant of God Almighty and have been called to preach His true Word to you. Prayerfully, God will use me and this blog to inspire, enrich, encourage, and strengthen you whether as an unbeliever of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, or as a believer.

Why am I doing this? Honestly, I have had the itch to do some writing for quite some time. I have been yearning to preach and, perhaps, pastor a church yet my military lifestyle and schedule has nearly prohibited me from doing so. I have had opportunities provided, having preached and administratively managed churches off and on over the course of 9 years. I am an online student with Liberty University seeking a Bachelors in Religion (very good course, btw).

What will this blog entail? God is the pilot here! I plan to write encouraging things as well as using Scriptures. At the same time, I may share things from my past, comical things, honestly, God knows what will be posted :)

Am I using this as a stepping stone? Honestly, this is a light step, however, throughout the years I have envisioned writing encouraging articles (blogs), sermons, and so on. With the advent of social networks, I pray that I can make this more like a resource for those seeking encouragement.

Stay tuned and I pray you'll follow me as we seek His Kingdom first!

In Him Will I Trust

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